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Electrolux new offering, stand mixer and hand mixer are powerful, simple and efficient.
RM 189.00 incl tax
SKU: EHSM-2000


Greet your family with delicious, nutritious, home cooked meals. Faber and their vast array of products is fitted with plenty of features to prepare these nutritious meals quickly and cleanly. Introducing the Faber FM 566 Stand Bowl Mixer for those birthdays, graduations, parties, and other special occasions. A personal touch goes a long way and with the presence of the FM 566, you will definitely find a reason to keep baking.
RM 169.00 incl tax
SKU: FM-566


Faber Stand Bowl Mixer FM 533 motor power is 250W, 5-speed option and Turbo function this stand mixer offers. From easy tasks like whipping cream or eggs to heavy duty mixing, this mixer will definitely give you a run for your money. It is powerful enough to cut through the toughest cookie dough, the Faber Stand Bowl Mixer FM533 features a Turbo function with an advantage of 5-step speed options that is able to flawlessly, gracefully, and easily handle just about any mixing task, from the heaviest of ingredients to the lightest whip toppings. Mix your ingredients to perfection with the ease and convenience of the Self Rotating Bowl feature ensuring ingredients are thoroughly and sufficiently mixed for the best results.
RM 229.00 incl tax


A friend’s birthday is around the corner? Your sister just gave birth? Your brother just graduated? Or your parents just retired? Thinking of making something sweet to commemorate those days? But tired of all those expensive unreasonably-sugary pastries and cakes from the stores? Then why not make a cake of your own? Now it is made easy with MORGAN Stand Mixer MSM-NB250HM. With this creative product of MORGAN, you can make great-tasting pastries with the comfort of home.
RM 159.00 incl tax RM 149.00 incl tax

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