6-year Warranty

Offer peace of mind against unexpected and expensive repair

SEC 6-year warranty gives you additional peace of mind as it expands the lifespan

of your purchase and ensures that your enjoyment from them is prolonged.

Be reassured with out extended warranty that provide you the longest coverage in Malaysia,

you may not need it immediately, but knowing it there is a boon for you peace of mind.

Terms & Conditions Apply




  1. This SEC Warranty  "SW" Service Contactis a service contact providing repairs for covered defects during the term of the selected Extended Warranty service contact by Star Electronics Sales & Services Sdn Bhd (*hereinafter referred to as "SEC Electricare"). It is not an Insurance Policy. It does not related to any guarantee or promise relating to the nature of the material. Worksmanship or performance of the covered products.
  2. This SW service contact is valid  in Malaysia only and is not transferable. In the event the product covered under this SW service contact is replaced directly by the manufacturer due to the manufacturer's delivery receipt and serial number of the new product within 15 days of the replacement. If the replacement product is of higher retail value than the original product,original warranty premium will need to be revised. Warranty holder will need to bear the difference between the original and revised  premium. The SW service contact is not refundable in any circumstances.
  3. This is the entire agreement between SEC Electricare and the Purchaser of this SW service contact and no other oral written representations are valid.


  1. If the manufacturer's warranty period for the products has not expired, the Purchaser shall contact the Manufacturer of the their Authorized Repairerdirectly.
  2. If the manufacturer's Warranty Period for the product has expired and this SW service contract is in force, the purchaser shall call SEC Electricare at 04-6288888 between 9am to 5pm during weekdays for repair authorization.
  3. Repairs without SEC Electricare's prior authorization will not be covered. Repairs must only be carried out by the Authorized Repairer as directed by SEC Electricare . The purchaser's claim will be denied if the purchaser failed to notify SEC Electricare within 30days of the product failure.
  4. The total value of the repairs made to the Purchaser's product shall not exceeded the current values less any depreciation based on actual use of the product. Under no cirumstances shall coverage extended to any loss or damage to a person or property for any loss of profit, quality and specifications.
  5. If the estimated cost of the repair exceeds current value less any depreciation based on actual use of the product. SEC Electricare shall have option to repair,do a product replacement or ofter a compensation amount for product replacement. Due to advance in technologies, the replacement product may be of lower retail value than the original product.
  6. If product is irreparable, we will offer a compensation amount for product replacement. The product being replaced shall become propety of SEC Electricare. Any such replacement will immediately terminate this SW service comtact with no refund of the SW service contact fee and SEC Electricare shall has no further obligations for the remainder of the term of this SW Electricarecontact, if any.
  7. For all claims, the SW service contact cerfiticate and Tax Invoice for the product must be presented before the claim will be processed.
  8. consult the product's manufacturer's intructions to determine if the failure to operate is due to cirumstances that may be corrected by the purchaser. If the breakdown is not covered by the SW service contact, the purchaser will be charged for the cost of repair. A diagnostic fee will be imposed if you decided not to proceed the repair.


  1. This SW service contract provides coverage for the repair of the product listed in the sales invoice for electrical, electronics or mechanical defects that coverage for a further period commencing in the expiry date in accordance with the Extended Warranty Terms selected as listed in the sales invoice.
  2. The SW service contract is valid for use of products in malaysia only and for products purchased as new.
  3. on-site response is applicable in the states where SEC Electricare superstore is located.
  4. Consumer products electronics and appliances are limited to personal use only.
  5. Office products such as facsimile machines,copies,scanner,printer and computers are covered for office, domestic and personal  use only.
  6. Repairs cover the cost of parts and labor. On-site service charges for repairs are only covered fro non-portable products provide the original Manufactures Warranty states on-site service. Otherwise,on-site service charge shall be borne by the Purchaser.
  7. To the extend that SEC Electricare provides the service or any other service when it is not obliged to do so by the agreement. It may charge for all costs and expenses incurred in so doing at its standard charges for the time being in force.
  8. SEC will not liable for any loss of data of use during the period that the products is at an Authorized Repairer and/or waiting for sapre parts in due to any delay in rendering the service under this SW Service Contract.
  9. SEC is entitled to terminate this SW Service Contract immediately with no refund in the event that an unauthorized repair, replacement or modification of the products is detected as well as violation of any of the terms and conditions of this SW Service Contract.
  10. Any accidental intentional damage, transportation damage neglect,misuse,abuse,corrosion,malicious damage and acts of nature will not be covered under this SW Service Contract.
  11. This agreement does not cover ant defects resulting from any modification to the product byany person other than the Authorized Repairer.
  12. For audio visual and home appliances products*:
  • Trade-in anytimr within 6 years -15 % of the purchased price.
  • Trade-in after 6 years (no later than 3 months after expired of the contract) - 50% of the warranty premium amount



  1. Products that are still covered by the manufacture'soriginal warranty, repairer's warranty, or anyother warranty in that is still in effect.
  2. Any defects that are subject to manufactirer's recalls.
  3. Manufacturer's recommended routinr maintenance, cleaning, lubrication, external adjustment.
  4. LED TV, LCD TV, Plasma TV or Projection TV product Tv product with defects tie to unsual physical or electrical stress, burned screen or software interface problem detected that are not covered by the manufacturer's original warranty. In-box accessories such as all remote controls, batteries, all cables,power cords, etc and external gadgets brackets, converter, spliters, converged gadget, wireless gadget, etc and external parts such as casting control knobs/buttons or cables.
  5. Air conditional - gas refill, chemical cleaning general maintenance and replacement of filter. Plastic glass attachments, hose, attachment such as air filter valves piping, etc. In-box accessories such as filters, flexible hose, extension pipes, etc and extenal parts such as casing control knobs/buttons or cables.
  6. Washing machine - with defects on plastic/glass attachment, feed valve joint, filters,valves, strainers, pipng, etc. In-box accessories such as filters, flexible hose, extension pipes, etc and extenal parts such as casting control knobs/buttons, cables.
  7. Refrigenator - plastic/glass attachments, bowel, hose,gas refill, attachment such as feed valve joint, glass panel, evaporator pan, ice tray, shelves, filter valves,strainers, piping, etc. In-box accessories such as filters, flexible hose, all suction nozzle ,extension pipes , etc and extenal parts such as casting control knobs/buttons, cables.
  8. Hood, hob, microwave & oven-plastic/glass attachments such as glass panel, glass door, glass surface and etc, bowel, turn-able plate, hose, crisper tray, shelves, air filter valves, etc. In-box accessories such as filters, flexible hose, all suction nozzle, extension pipes, etc and external parts such as casting control knobs/buttons, cables, burner.
  9. IT, communication Products with defects found on its battery pack. Ac adapter and power cord, external devices such as FDD, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, mouse, third party devices. Additional RAM, carring case, stylus pen, power surge damage or accidental damages, etc.
  10. Non-operating and cosmetic items, paint, colour, or products finish, accessories used in or with the eligible product, audio and video heads or drums, external cables and cards, glass and lens, add on options incorporated, unauthorized modefications made to the product, altered serial numbers, failure to follow manufacturer's installation, operation or maintenance intructions. Any items not affecting the product's function.
  11. Software (including operating system and any stored data), defects resulting directly from software installation and or removal, computer vireu, virus prevention, and other peripherals. Repairs to hardware that have been added after the product's priginal Purchaser.
  12. Consumables such as vacuum cleaner belts, batteries, ribbons, toner and ink cartridgesstylus bulbs, tapes, plugs, cables, filters and diskettes, etc.
  13. External faults such as wiring, electrical connection or plumbing, realigning of signal receivers(poor reception) and consequantial loss of any kind.
  14. Repairs necessitated by accidental or intentional physical damage, burglary, theft, spilled liquids, corrosion, animal and insert infestation, misuse, abuse or damagecaused by non-authorized repair personnel.
  15. Diagnosis where no defect has been found or noted.
  16. defects and on-site service charges not covered under the manufacturer's primary written warranty.
  17. Transportation, shipping delivery charges, express service charges, transportation damage, removal or re-installation of the product (where no covered defest is found). Product on loan during the repair process.
  18. Commercial use, rental, use for profits or product transfer to retail outlets.
  19. Product with removed or altered serial number.



     1.The SW service contract shall terminate immediately with no refund of thr SW service contract fee in the event of the following :-

  • Disposal, subsequent sale, lost or repossesion of the product.
  • Unauthorized repair, replacement or modefication of the product.
  • Discovery of fraud or misrepresentation.
  • Violation of any of the terms and  conditions of this SW Service Contract.



* Terms & Conditions Apply