[TIPS] How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner

There are so many different types of vacuum cleaners on the market that it can be confusing to decide how to choose a vacuum cleaner that best fits your needs. 


Below are some criteria before buying a new vacuum cleaner :

1) Vacuum Cleaner Performance


You will certainly want to evaluate the performance, or cleaning ability, of the vacuum cleaners you are considering. While this requires evaluating a range of vacuum cleaner specifications, the most important are water lift (or sealed) suction and airflow.

Many manufacturers tout the watts or amps of their vacuum cleaners. These rate the power of the vacuum motor, and years of marketing vacuums this way has let “power” become confused with “performance.” Watts and amps tell you how much electrical power the vacuum cleaner’s motor uses, not how much suction power  the machine creates for picking up dirt and soil. For that, you need to know the vacuum’s suction. In fact, motor power ratings really don’t mean much at all. A 10-amp motor can create more suction power than a 12-amp motor, if it’s designed to be more efficient.

The key ratings are airflow and sealed suction.

2) Filtration

Customer often overlooked the element of cleaning ability. If a vacuum cleaner does not offer high levels of filtration, these fine particles can simply go right through the vacuum cleaner and back to the room air, where they settle as dust.

Most quality vacuum cleaners will do an adequate job of filtering the air the leaves the machine. But if anyone in your home suffers from allergies, asthma or any other health condition that is impacted by fine particles or allergens in the indoor air, a high filtration or HEPA filtration vacuum cleaner is strongly recommended.

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. A HEPA filter must remove 99.97% of all particles as small as 0.3 microns in size from the air that passes through it. This is the standard “best” filtration method for residential applications.

The phrase “as small as” is important because it designates that if all the particles were 0.3 microns in size, the filter would still have 99.97% efficiency. The term “down to 0.3 microns in size” does not refer to the same filtration performance as it may refer to a mixture of particle sizes for the stated efficiency.

HEPA is used primarily in the United States. In Europe, companies generally refer to the same filter as an S-Class filter and some manufacturers, like SEBO, use the terminology here. Like HEPA filters, S-Class filters must remove 99.97% of all particles as small as 0.3 microns in size from the air that passes through them.


3) Quality and Durability

The quality of your vacuum cleaner is also important and will determine whether your vacuum cleaner will be replaced in a year or two or will last for many years and even decades.

When evaluating durability, look at the quality of the construction. Look for solid components of good quality as opposed to flimsy or brittle appearing materials. Look for good fit and finish without rough edges. The seals should be heavy duty and components that open and close should do so with a nice solid feel.


Another indication of quality and durability can also be partially determined by the length and specifics of the warranty. Look for longer warranties, especially on the motor.


4) Ease of Use

No matter how great a vacuum cleaner might be in terms of specifications, it must be easy for you to use. Think about what you don't like about your current vacuum cleaner and look for a new one that eliminates those problems.

Consider whether you have any specific issues concerning weight or personal preferences concerning uprights versus canister vacuum cleaners. If there are specific reasons for buying a new vacuum cleaner, remember to be sure that your new one provides solutions to these cleaning challenges.


5) Noise Level

Noise is also a significant consideration. Some vacuum cleaners can be so noisy that they're almost unbearable to use. Many good vacuum cleaners can operate at levels that are quite comfortable and will allow you to hear the phone or doorbell ring quite easily.

The amount of noise a vacuum makes while operating is rated in decibels (dB). To give you some idea, a conversation at home is rated at 50dB, a garbage disposal at 80 dB and a motorcycle or lawnmower at 100 dB.  Extremely quiet vacuum cleaners can operate at decibel levels in the mid-60s while cleaners in the 70-77 dB range are still relatively quiet compared to the vacuum cleaner you grew up with.


6) Capacity

The capacity of a vacuum cleaner relates to the size of the dust bag or cup. The bigger it is, the less often it needs to be changed.

If you have a large home means that you’ll have greater amounts of soil to remove. In this case, consider a full-sized vacuum cleaner. This way, you won't have the inconvenience of constantly changing the bag or emptying the cup.


7) Accessory

All quality vacuum cleaners come with a set of come with a set of accessory tools that cover most floor and above-floor vacuuming needs. But there are some jobs that need special tools and some tools that just make the job easier and the availability of add-on accessory tools will extend the utility and, often, improve the performance of your vacuum cleaner.

Take the flexible crevice tool, for example. The standard crevice tool works great for most needs, but it can’t reach around corners or behind appliances. The flexible crevice tool can. It’s longer than a standard crevice tool and has nozzle that gently bends to reach behind furniture and appliances and get into hard to reach corners.




As heat up increase around the country, Air-conditioner became essential in our daily life. Air-conditioner in bedroom increase comforts and provides better sleep quality. As advance in technology, Air-conditioner had improve in better function, such as Eco system, dust filter, energy saving, etc. Air-conditioner no longer a cooling machine but a form of healthy life style.  



If you plan to keep up with trends and the latest happenings while you are in the comfort zone of your room, you will need a television.


DVD Player

If you have a TV in your room, how could you forget a DVD player. With it people able relax and enjoy movie in their private space.


Ceiling Fan

Although Ceiling Fans do not reduce the temperature of a room as much as Air-conditioner. However, the air it circulate can make a room feel three to four degrees cooler. Some Ceiling Fan add with lighting fixture, these dual function and design has becomes a decorations to our rooms.


Air Purifier

Considering of the air we taken each day, Air Purifier become essential in our life. Whether we sleep or wake up, air is the source we live. Air Purifier improve better air quality by purify dust and bacteria. Portable size and silent Air Purifier is perfect in bedroom.


Air Humidifier

Cold air often equates to sore throats and stuffy noses. If you are suffering from any illness or just want to stave off dryness, a humidifier is your best bet. It’ll keep your insides and outsides glowing all winter long in your room. 


Garment steamer

Garment Steamer became an aid in our life as the busy lifestyle nowadays. All you have to do is wait for it to warm up and iron. It’s portable and able handle all kind of materials without burn it. Now, say goodbye to wrinkles and save times for a cup of coffee.


Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning with vacuum cleaner is not only hygiene but also more efficient than cleaning manually. Vacuum cleaners capable to clean within tens minutes whereas manually cleaning takes approximately hours. Vacuum cleaner are equipped with HEPA or other type of filters which blocks, removes air borne disease causing germs, bacteria and viruses. New version vacuum are in portable size, space saving and ease to use in room.


Hair Dryer

When your hair and scalp remain wet for a long time, it will cause bacteria and weak hair structure. Hair Dryer are ease to use in a hand size, no matter you’re going to work or party, it’s save times and easy style.

[TIPS] 吹风筒,你选对了吗?


1. 功率


2. 温度



3. 凤速



4. 机身材质








[TIPS] 5 Home Appliances must have in Living room.

Firstly and for most, when we look at living room what are the home appliance you’re looking for ?

1) Television

When it comes to televisions, bigger isn’t always better. Yes, if you have a huge living room then a giant TV is great. However, if your living room is on the

smaller side, then you can end up in a situation where you’re sitting way too close to that massive screen, even when you’re technically sitting on the other

side of the room.


So, what size is right for you? You can figure out pretty quickly by deciding where you plan on sitting to watch it and measuring the distance between there

and where you plan on placing the TV. 

According to Samsung, the right TV size is the viewing distance (in inches) divided by three.

For instance, if you plan on sitting 10 feet from your television, then you’re 120 inches away. When you divide 120 by 3, you get 40. That means that the right

TV size for your room is 40 inches.

2) Home Theater

Home theater is a kind of system that combine electronic components designed to recreate the experience of watching a movie in a theater. When you watch

a movie on a home theater system, you are more immersed in the experience than when you watch one on an ordinary television.

Home theater allow you hear the music, sound effects and dialogue not just from the screen, but from one to the right, one to the left and one in the center and

several other speakers spread out in the rest of the theater. In this surround sound system, you hear different parts of the soundtrack coming from different places. 

3) Air Conditioner

An Air conditioner (AC)is a system or a machine that removing heat and moisture from the interior of an occupied space to improve the comfort of occupants.

In addition, air conditioning is also used to cool and dehumidify rooms.

To buy an energy-efficient living room air conditioner, you must first determine what capacity, or size, you need.

Firstly, you need to calculate floor area, by multiply the length and the width for the specific area.

After knowing the size of the living room, then you are manage to know the capacity fo the air conditioner require.

The guideline to measure the capacity of air conditioner in different sizes of the specific area at : Guideline measure Capacity Air Conditioner.

4) Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is a must-have home appliance for any home. Whether you’re buying an indoor or outdoor ceiling fan for living room.

Different size or capacity of ceiling fan serve different purposes.

For the guideline for measure or determine the size ceiling fan in specific you can refer the previous blog: Guideline measure size of ceiling fan.

5) TV Box

TV box is a device that connects a TV to an external source signal, compressing digital signal into TV content in a form that can be displayed on the TV screen.

TV boxes are increasingly popular nowadays, are devices in the shape of a small box.

These small TV boxes can turn any TV into a smart TV with a wide range of options.

They allow user to stream movies or TV shows from their favorite streaming sites, such as Netflix, Youtube, etc.




[TIPS] 新厨房不可缺的5大家电


1. 电冰箱




2. 油烟机


1. 油烟常常把厨房熏脏熏臭,擦洗厨房成了极大的负担。

2. 油烟会导致人类食欲减退、精神不振。油烟吸入呼吸道,还会引起心烦、嗜睡等等。

3. 油烟主要成分如丙烯醛,会对我们的眼、鼻和喉咙造成刺激,可引起慢性角膜炎、鼻炎等病症。

4. 油烟中的脂肪氧化物会引发心血管、脑血管等疾病。

看完油烟的危害后,您是不是也感到害怕? 尤其是现代屋子都会以开放式的厨房来打造,所以我们更需要油烟机来除掉油烟味,不然做菜时油烟会飘到客厅房间,时间久了墙壁还会发黄,家具更会蒙上一层油垢,所以开放式厨房一定要特别注意油烟机的选择。



3. 电饭锅




4. 多功能电锅




5. 电水壶


1. 看安全认证 (确认经过国家严格认证)

2. 看内胆材质 (确保没有伤害人体的化学物质)

3. 看外部设计 (确保有放热功能,不会轻易被烫伤)

4. 看容量大小 (确保一壶容量,符合您的家庭人员)





[TIPS] Do’s and Don’ts of Microwave

Microwave make life simple by getting food heat up in just 2 minutes however people should be well aware of the danger of a microwave. Improper use of microwave can be easily burn down. Here are some tips for safety use of a microwave.




     ✔ It was tricky when come to set time for heating food, heat food for a little at a time, e.g starting by 1 min then continue add 30sec...

     ✔ Glass, Ceramic or microwave safe plastic container is suitable for heating food in microwave.

     ✔ Cover the food with plastic cover can preventing it from splattering all over the microwave.

     ✔ While covering the food, the heat in a seal container unable to steam out, so leave some space to prevent explosion.  

     ✔ Heat different dishes separately to prevent soggy or dry food.

     ✔ Make sure heat the food until bubbling or steaming.

     ✔ Check the food often to prevent overcook.

     ✔ Keep microwave clean every times after use.



     x Do not use metal container for heating food.

     x Avoid from using plastic container which chemicals may leach into the food.

     x Do not heat food leaving it uncovered, heating liquid food easily cause bolognese explosion or splattering all over microwave.

     x Avoid from heating food with brown paper bag, it may cause toxic fumes and even catch on fire.

     x Do not bake cake with microwave, bake it with convection microwave or oven which require baking function is suitable for baking cake or cookies.

     x Do not put anythings beside food.

     x Do not operate microwave with door open.

     x Do not operate the microwave while it is empty.

     x Do not heat food with Aluminum Foil, it will easily get burn.

     x Do not heat hard-boiled eggs, high heat will cause it explode.

     x Do not heat grapes which will lead to an explosion.

     x Do not heat hot pepper, the chemical release from it will sting your eyes and blaze your throat.

     x Do not heat food with plastic wrap on it, remove the plastic wrap when using microwave.

     x Do not sterilize bottles or jars.

     x Do not defrost food while the foam tray and plastic wrapping still on it.

     x Do not defrost frozen food as difficult to completely cook and it cause bacteria can grow and spread on food.