Technology is constantly evolving, becoming more and more "intelligent" to anticipate our needs. Presenting the next generation of shower heater with a built-in intelligent feature...the Alpha SMART series. SMART is the first ever Instant Shower Heater with an on board microchip that incorporates an advance program to monitor the safety status and performance level even before the system is activated, as well as during usage. The intelligent Auto Test safety feature provides all-round protection and peace-of mind every time you step into the shower.
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Manufacturer: ALPHA

Auto Test
Auto checking of the internal circuit to detect any possible current leakage

Cuts off current flow in the event of any current leakage

Thermal Cut-Out
Auto Reset prevents overheating at 55°C

Nylon Glass Fibre Internal Construction
A strong & durable non-conductive material for further insulation against electric shock

Splash-proof IP25 Standard
protection against water seeping into the heater's internal mechanism

Electronic Temperature Control
Shower temperature can be selected according to personal preference

Inverter DC pump
Consumes very little electrical power, saving 50%* of Silent operation, thanks to a brushless operation.
* As compared with AC pump

Pump Activator
Shower heater can still be activated in areas of extreme low water pressure


  • Heater Power Rating: 3.5kW - 5.5kW, 220 - 240V~50Hz
  • Water Connection: 15mm dia. (1/2" BSP)
  • Operating Condition: Open outlet
  • Protection Against Electric Shock: Class 1
  • Water Temperature Control: Electronics
  • Degree of Protection: Class IP25
  • Minimum Flow Rate: 3 liter/minute
  • Minimum Pressure: 20 kPa (0.2 bar/2.9 psi)
  • Maximum Pressure: 0.38 MPa (3.8 bar/55 psi)
  • Heater Dimension: 230mm(W) x 413.50mm(L) x 91.30mm(H)
  • Motor Type: 18i - DC Inverter
  • Power Rating: DC Inverter - 55W
  • Noise Level: DC Inverter - <40dB
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