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SEC Chinese New Year Sale

SEC Chinese New Year Sale

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Differences between Top Load Washing Machine and Front Load Washing Machine

1. Structure and Working

For front loading washing machine, the basket is placed in the horizontal direction with no use of agigator and there are paddles on the side of the basket which helps to move the clothes and stir water while basket rotate. The top loading washing machine has a basket placed in vertical position. At the center of the basket there is one agitator placed on the vertical axis. The agigator helps for swirling of clothes in the alternate circular direction. Thus, the agigator in top loading grabs and thrashes the clothes, where in front loading paddles gently pick up the clothes and drop them into soapy water.

2. Basket Capacity

Higher capacity washing machine can wash more clothes in one go, meaning less energy and water use. Front loading washing machine used to have the upper hand over top loading washing machine for capacity, bosting up to 4.5 cu ft. In conclusion, front loading washing machine, you can place more clothes than top loading washing machine because there is no agigator in the center. 

3. Life Expectancy

The average life expectancy of a washing machine is between 10 to 15 years. The front loading washing machine life expectancy is longer compared to top laoding washing machine. Even the price for front loading washing machines is more than top laoding washing machines but spending several dollars more is really worth because they are energy efficient. It can helps to save on your electricity bills.

4. Water and Detergent Usage

Front loading washing machine tend to be more energy efficient than top laoding washing machine when using warm water, as well as using less detergent. This is because their horizontal drum that uses gravity to tumble the clothes. Besides, front loading washing machine use significantly less water, usually 50% less compared to top loading washing machine. On the other hand, you can use any kind of detergent for top loading washing machine but your selection must be limited in front loading washing machine. You have to use an efficient detergent in front loading washing machine otherwise your laundry room will be froth.

5. Space 

Front loading washing machine is quite compacted in size than top loading washing machine. Front loading washing machine can be stacked thereby saving space compared to top loading washing machine. Hence, front loading washing machine can helps in save space in your laundry room.







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