[TIPS] Do’s and Don’ts of Microwave

Microwave make life simple by getting food heat up in just 2 minutes however people should be well aware of the danger of a microwave. Improper use of microwave can be easily burn down. Here are some tips for safety use of a microwave.




     ✔ It was tricky when come to set time for heating food, heat food for a little at a time, e.g starting by 1 min then continue add 30sec...

     ✔ Glass, Ceramic or microwave safe plastic container is suitable for heating food in microwave.

     ✔ Cover the food with plastic cover can preventing it from splattering all over the microwave.

     ✔ While covering the food, the heat in a seal container unable to steam out, so leave some space to prevent explosion.  

     ✔ Heat different dishes separately to prevent soggy or dry food.

     ✔ Make sure heat the food until bubbling or steaming.

     ✔ Check the food often to prevent overcook.

     ✔ Keep microwave clean every times after use.



     x Do not use metal container for heating food.

     x Avoid from using plastic container which chemicals may leach into the food.

     x Do not heat food leaving it uncovered, heating liquid food easily cause bolognese explosion or splattering all over microwave.

     x Avoid from heating food with brown paper bag, it may cause toxic fumes and even catch on fire.

     x Do not bake cake with microwave, bake it with convection microwave or oven which require baking function is suitable for baking cake or cookies.

     x Do not put anythings beside food.

     x Do not operate microwave with door open.

     x Do not operate the microwave while it is empty.

     x Do not heat food with Aluminum Foil, it will easily get burn.

     x Do not heat hard-boiled eggs, high heat will cause it explode.

     x Do not heat grapes which will lead to an explosion.

     x Do not heat hot pepper, the chemical release from it will sting your eyes and blaze your throat.

     x Do not heat food with plastic wrap on it, remove the plastic wrap when using microwave.

     x Do not sterilize bottles or jars.

     x Do not defrost food while the foam tray and plastic wrapping still on it.

     x Do not defrost frozen food as difficult to completely cook and it cause bacteria can grow and spread on food.

[TIPS] Differences between Thermopot and Electric Jug Kettle.

Kettles are among the simplest of household appliances. Everyday we need hot water to start our day with a cup of hot coffee, hot chocolate, hot milk and other beverages.  

In this modern world, consumers have the choice to choose either use jug kettle or Thermopot to prepare their beverages for thier loves one.


What is the differences between Thermopot and Jug Kettle.

1) Capacity (liter)

The capacity fo eletric jug kettle is between 1.2 liter until 4 liter. However, for thermopot have bigger storage tank which from 2.2 liter to 6 liter. Usually, thermopot have water level indicator to show the minimum level and the maximum level of water in the storage tank provided. Therefore, thermopot can boil more amount of water as compare to eletric jug kettle. But the usage capacity of thermopot or electric jug kettle is depends on personal preferences.

2) Keep warm function.

For thermopot have the control panel to maintain the water at a certain temperature. For example 98 degree celcius suitable for instant hot beverages such as chocolate drinks, 85 degree celcius for green tea and coffee and 60 degree celcius for instant milk.However, for eletric jug kettle do not have the indicator for maintaining the water at a constant temperature for different beverages. Once, thermopot are more advance function as compare electric jug kettle.


3) Lock/Unlock function

Thermopot have the “LOCK/UNLOCK” and “DISPENSE” button at the control panel. Whenever you need the hot water, you may press the “UNLOCK” and “DISPENSE” button. However, electric jug kettle do not have this feature. 



Did you know hwo powerful of your blender? It can make variety of delicious things other than juice or smoothies? Let's us share you few blender secret recipe today!

1. Peanut Butter

Homemade peanut butter is a real treat. Add the fresh-toasted nuts and pulse for minute increments, scraping down in between. Add a little salt and pulse to combine. It's simple and healthy.

For full recipe, click this link:


2. Protein Shake

There are many woman drink protein shake daily for slimming and healthy. But did you now the protein shake after blend will be more tasty? Some recipes don't even call for protein powder, but rely on nutritious banana and protein-rich yogurt, peanut butter and chia seeds to provide energy. For protein shake by using protein powder, you can add 200ml water into blender jug and add 2 to 3 spoon of protein powder inside and blend it. To make the protein tastier, you can also add half banana or chia seed inside. Last, you can add few walnuts or almonds on top of your protein drink.

For full recipe, click this link:



3. Ice Cream

You also can use blender to make a creamy homemade ice cream. It's simple and tasty. Let's learn how to made a simple chocolate banana ice cream.

For full recipe, click this link:

4. Pancake and Waffles

Are you know your blender also can help you to make pancake or waffle better? Just toss all the ingredients inside and switch on for a smooth mix, then pour your perfect portions straight from pitcher. If you don't have a high-powered model, you can break up the mix with a spoon between pulses at first. You can add any mix-ins like chocolate chips or fruit too.

For full recipe, click this link:

5. Soups

A gret way to give your blender a workout is making smooth and creamy soups. There are variety of soup recipes that may surprise you. From creamy pumpkin soup to potato and broccoli soup, to tomato bisque, the possibilities are nearly endliess. When blending hot soup, it's a good idea to let it cool off a bit before adding it to the blender. 

For full recipe, click this link:

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为什么家里需要装抽风机呢?很多人不知道抽风机的重要性,它其实对我们的生活很有帮助。抽风机适合安装在厨房,浴室及卧室,更适合不通风的室内,抽风机到底有多重要呢? 就让我们来了解吧!





















[TIPS] Comparison for Top 5 Smartphone

Smartphones are no longer a luxury. They are indispensable devices that work as a medium of information and entertainment. For this reason, it’s important to choose the right smartphone that has all the essential features you need for day-to-day use.


Below are some model of smartphone comparison: 

[TIPS] 厨房的小助手 - 空气炸锅











1。 把鸡翅洗干净。

2。腌制鸡翅 (把葱蒜粒、姜、洋葱、黑胡椒酱、盐、橄榄油一起搅拌),搁置30分钟。