SEC Online Membership:

1. How to apply SEC Online Membership?
A: You can apply SEC Online Membership at https://www.sec.com.my/plugins/register

2. Can I apply SEC Online Membership at any SEC Outlets?
A: No, Online Membership can only be applied at https://www.sec.com.my.

3. Any physical card will issued for SEC Online Membership?
A: No, Online Membership is a cardless approach. SEC will track your Online Membership by using your registered email.

4. How much for the Online Membership annual fee?
A: There is NO annual fee will be charge for Online Membership.

5. Do i need to renew my Online Membership yearly?
A: No, the Online Membership is for lifetime.


SEC Offline Membership (SEC Star Status Card):

1. How do I apply Offline Membership in SEC?
A: You can walk-in to any nearby SEC outlets to apply the SEC Star Status Card.

2. Do I need to pay any annual fee for SEC Star Status Card?
A: Yes, the annual fee for SEC Star Status Card is RM20 per year.

3. Can I apply the SEC Star Status Card at SEC website? 
A: No, SEC Star Status Card can only be applied in SEC outlets.

4. How should I check my SEC Star Status Card expiry date and details?
A: You can walk-in to any nearby SEC outlets or call to 604-628 8888. Provide us your member card number or registered name and our person in charge will check for you.

5. Any physical card will issued for SEC Offline Membership?
A: Yes, you will receive a SEC Star Status Card after applied in our outlets.


Account Maintanance:

1. What is the difference for sign up membership in SEC website (online) and SEC outlets (offline)?
A: Both online and offline membership also can enjoy our point scheme, which is collect 1 point for spend RM1 and redeem RM1 voucher / product for every 100 points. However, there are few different benefits for online and offline membership. Kindly visit to https://www.sec.com.my/sec-status-card-2 for more information.

2. What should I do if I lose my SEC Star Status Card?
A: You can continue enjoy your SEC Offline Membership by providing us your registered name or Identity Card Number.

3. How can I applied or enjoy my point(s) in both online and offline outlets?
A: For online point redemption, you can use the point by deduct the equal amount in your purchase in https://www.sec.com.my . It can be use like a cash voucher. For offline point redemption. you can use the point to redeem our PWP products or deduct the equal amount in any SEC outlets.

4. Any free voucher or free gift for new sign up?
A: You can enjoy a RM10 OFF by applying "WELCOME10" voucher code for new sign up in SEC website. However, there is no voucher or free gift for new sign up in SEC outlets.

5. Can I combine my point(s) for both online and offline membership or transfer my point(s)?
A: No, you are not allowed to combine the point(s) for online and offline membership because there are two different system. You are also not allowed to transfer your point(s) to third paries.


Member Benefits:

1. How the reward point scheme works?
A: There are same reward point scheme for both online and offline membership. For every RM1 spend, you are able to collect 1 point. For redemption, every 100 points can redeem RM1 in voucher or products (only applicable in outlets).

2. Does the 6 Star Benefits available for both online and offline?
A: No, 6 Star Benefits is only available in SEC outlets. 

3. Can I enjoy Extra 1 Year Warranty in both online and offline (outlets)?
A: Yes. You can instantly enjoy extra 1 year warranty for all items for purchase in website (excluded for selected digital items, spare parts, accessories and wall bracket). For outlets, you will need to pay for 2 years membership fee to enjoy extra 1 year warranty.

4. Can I get any special benefits during my birthday?
A: Yes. For online membership, you can get a special RM15 OFF gift voucher on your birthday month. 

5. Why the price in online (website) and offline (outlets) are difference?
A: SEC member can enjoy member price in any SEC outlets but the price in website is fixed and member do not have any other special discount. The price in website is not applicable in SEC outlets.

6. Can i use the offline voucher in SEC website or can I use the online voucher in SEC outlets?
A: No. The voucher for online and offline are different. Thus, you are only allowed to apply the voucher in the right channel.


Shopping Tips:

1. How should I place an order in SEC website?
A: First of all, you need to register a FREE online membership at https://www.sec.com.my/plugins/register and you can browse our products according to brands or categories. You can add to cart of the product you wish to purchase and proceed to payment page. You will received a confirmation email after order is successfully placed. For more shopping guidance, kindly visit to https://www.sec.com.my/how-to-buy

2. What payment method are SEC using?
A: We accepted credit card, debit card, Anypay, online transfer and e-wallet such as Boost and WeChat pay.

3. Do you offered any installment plan?
A: Yes, currently we only have Public Bank 6 months and 12 months installment plan.

4. How long is the delivery period?
A: For Penang area, we will take 2 working days to deliver your item(s). For other states, we need to take 3 to 5 working days to deliver your item(s).

5. Which courier service are you using?
A: For Penang area, we are using our in-house delivery team. For other states, we will using Gdex and KTMD as our logistic partner.

6. How should I contact SEC for any enquiry?
A: You are welcome to drop us an email at [email protected] or contact our hotline at 604-628 8888. You can also contact our online support team through our live chat channel.

7. What should I do if I find out my item is dented or cannot functioning?
A: Please contact us by email us or call to our hotline. We will send technician to check for you.


Privacy Policy:

1. Are there any privacy protection measures for my personal information?
A: All the customer date will be kept highly confidential secured. Your contact will be only use for SEC promotional purpose.

2. Are the payment gateway in your website is secured?
A: Yes, we are using iPay88 as our payment gateway. All your data are secured under our system.

3. Can I share my online or offline membership with others?
A: We do not encourage of sharing your membership to prevent cases of misappropraition use.