Meet SEC Mascots

Caring, friendly and ever ready to go the extra mile for you. Saveo's the one that delivers products to your doorstep, services and repairs your products, and gives you advice on how to get the most out of your products.
细心,亲切和全力以赴是 Saveo 坚持的服务态度。从维修,送货到安装,Saveo 都会亲力亲为随时为您效劳,保证让你称心满意。


Intelligent, knowledgeable and informative, Ello the salesperson makes sure you get the best electricare solutions and bargains for your electrical needs and lifestyle.
聪明,博学和见识广阔的 Ello 是您最贴心的推销员。Ello 对各种产品了如指掌,随时为您提供最准确的资讯及各种优惠。


Warm, attentive and helpful, Comeo the receptionist is the first point of contact for many, providing a wide-range of solutions to whatever enquiries and problems that you may have.
Comeo 的热忱,认真和善解人意,是接待您的不二人选。作为 SEC 的热线服务人员,Comeo 无时无刻殷勤为您解答种种疑问。