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Refrigerator on the stone with a convenient design

The Mitsubishi Electric MR-FV24J-BR-V refrigerator is made of durable Chrome alloy, with a special brown color giving your kitchen a modern touch. With a capacity of 204 liters, this Mitsubishi Electric refrigerator is suitable for families with 3 to 5 members.

Activated carbon filter

Refrigerator Mitsubishi Electric 204 liter MR-FV24J-BR-V uses activated carbon combined with multi-dimensional airflow to prevent the growth of bacteria, enhance moisture to help preserve food longer.  

Activated carbon filter

Intelligent Neuro Fuzzy Control

The Mitsubishi Electric MR-FV24J-BR-V refrigeration control provides the ability to customize the refrigerator's temperature and  style to suit the user's preferences, thus saving energy. This is reflected in the fact that every day, it only consumes about 0.78 kW of electricity.

Vitamin Plant with moisture control

Mitsubishi Electric's MR-FV24J-BR-V refrigerator is dubbed as a vitamin plant, as it can provide vitamins for food, and provides orange light as sunlight for Photo food to fresh longer.

Walls and doors are antimicrobial

With silicone-resistant doors and walls, the Mitsubishi Electric MR-FV24J-BR-V refrigerator prevents bacteria from entering, creating a sterile environment for food preservation.

With a door mat and a silver-colored cabinet, with antimicrobial functionality, Mitsubishi Electric MR-FV24J-BR-V refrigerator prevents intrusive bacteria.

Good glass tray

Mitsubishi Electric's MR-FV24J-BR-V refrigerator-proof glass allows it to hold large amounts of food without breaking. Consumers will easily arrange more food.


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