[TIPS] Differences between Thermopot and Electric Jug Kettle.

Kettles are among the simplest of household appliances. Everyday we need hot water to start our day with a cup of hot coffee, hot chocolate, hot milk and other beverages.  

In this modern world, consumers have the choice to choose either use jug kettle or Thermopot to prepare their beverages for thier loves one.


What is the differences between Thermopot and Jug Kettle.

1) Capacity (liter)

The capacity fo eletric jug kettle is between 1.2 liter until 4 liter. However, for thermopot have bigger storage tank which from 2.2 liter to 6 liter. Usually, thermopot have water level indicator to show the minimum level and the maximum level of water in the storage tank provided. Therefore, thermopot can boil more amount of water as compare to eletric jug kettle. But the usage capacity of thermopot or electric jug kettle is depends on personal preferences.

2) Keep warm function.

For thermopot have the control panel to maintain the water at a certain temperature. For example 98 degree celcius suitable for instant hot beverages such as chocolate drinks, 85 degree celcius for green tea and coffee and 60 degree celcius for instant milk.However, for eletric jug kettle do not have the indicator for maintaining the water at a constant temperature for different beverages. Once, thermopot are more advance function as compare electric jug kettle.


3) Lock/Unlock function

Thermopot have the “LOCK/UNLOCK” and “DISPENSE” button at the control panel. Whenever you need the hot water, you may press the “UNLOCK” and “DISPENSE” button. However, electric jug kettle do not have this feature. 


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