[TIPS] Do’s and Don’ts of Microwave

Microwave make life simple by getting food heat up in just 2 minutes however people should be well aware of the danger of a microwave. Improper use of microwave can be easily burn down. Here are some tips for safety use of a microwave.




     ✔ It was tricky when come to set time for heating food, heat food for a little at a time, e.g starting by 1 min then continue add 30sec...

     ✔ Glass, Ceramic or microwave safe plastic container is suitable for heating food in microwave.

     ✔ Cover the food with plastic cover can preventing it from splattering all over the microwave.

     ✔ While covering the food, the heat in a seal container unable to steam out, so leave some space to prevent explosion.  

     ✔ Heat different dishes separately to prevent soggy or dry food.

     ✔ Make sure heat the food until bubbling or steaming.

     ✔ Check the food often to prevent overcook.

     ✔ Keep microwave clean every times after use.



     x Do not use metal container for heating food.

     x Avoid from using plastic container which chemicals may leach into the food.

     x Do not heat food leaving it uncovered, heating liquid food easily cause bolognese explosion or splattering all over microwave.

     x Avoid from heating food with brown paper bag, it may cause toxic fumes and even catch on fire.

     x Do not bake cake with microwave, bake it with convection microwave or oven which require baking function is suitable for baking cake or cookies.

     x Do not put anythings beside food.

     x Do not operate microwave with door open.

     x Do not operate the microwave while it is empty.

     x Do not heat food with Aluminum Foil, it will easily get burn.

     x Do not heat hard-boiled eggs, high heat will cause it explode.

     x Do not heat grapes which will lead to an explosion.

     x Do not heat hot pepper, the chemical release from it will sting your eyes and blaze your throat.

     x Do not heat food with plastic wrap on it, remove the plastic wrap when using microwave.

     x Do not sterilize bottles or jars.

     x Do not defrost food while the foam tray and plastic wrapping still on it.

     x Do not defrost frozen food as difficult to completely cook and it cause bacteria can grow and spread on food.

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