Do your new washing machine shake, rattle and bump while spinning? Not only these issues are annoying but it can cause damage to your washing machine. Keep scrolling if you wanted to find out the solutions for it.

Most front loaders vibrate more than top load washer, that's was because of high-efficiency models have much faster spin cycle. To find out the reason of washing machine shake during spinning, we need to find out the causes then only lead to solutions.




Shipping bolts - If the inner tub of the washing machine does not shake or wobble as pulling back and forth, it simply means that the 4 shipping bolts of washer are still attached on the back of the washer. The shipping bolts is to ensure that the machine drum doesn't move during delivery and installation. It cause the machine to vibrates and shake during operation.   


The way to remove the four shipping bolts:

1. Remove the shipping bolts which attached on the back of the machine.

2. Using the supplied wrench or tools to remove the bolts.

3. After remove the bolts, keep it or reuse it next time.




Leveling - Unbalance foot/floor leveling is the reason causes machine to shake and vibrate.



The way to check the machine is leveled:

1. Use a level to check if the machine is properly level from front to back and side to side.

2. Place a hands on diagonal corners of the machine and attempt to rock the washer.

3. After verifying, the machine still not leveled with the method above, try fine-tune the leveling feet.

4. Place 3-4 bath towels in the machine and starts RINSE AND SPIN CYCLE

5. Once the unit reaches the spin cycle and begins to vibrate, push down each corner of the machine. If pushing on one of the corners stops the vibrate, which mean that the machine foot need an adjustment.

6. While adjust the leveling foot, it is not necessary to pause the washer. Make adjustment till vibration cease.


The proper way of leveling foot:

1. Make sure the lock nut is loose by turning it clockwise.

2. Adjust the leveling foot by turning the foot clockwise to extend it.

3. Tighten the locknut to prevent the foot from self adjusting on the next cycle by turning the locknut counter-clockwise.



Unbalance floor- Unbalance or unstable level floor may be the reason the machine shaking and vibrate.



1. Set the washing machine in high spin to test the vibrations of the machine.

2. Once the drum reaches maximum spin speed and vibrates, press down each corner to   discover which corner reduces or stop the variation.

3. If the machine reduce or stop vibrating, it simply means the corner of the machines is not properly level.

4. If the machine did not stop from vibrating, there will be reason that the floor is unbalance, kindly move the machine to stable and sturdy floor.

5. Or install anti-vibrating pads/plywood under the machine for reduce vibration.





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