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Circular Air Intake
Circular Air Intake function with all-round circular air inlets allow more air flow into tub for maximum drying efficiency during spin-drying.

Hydro Power Wash
2 water jet outlets generates a big water circulation & dissolves detergent water evenly into the fabric.

Zero Standby Power
Conventional washing machines use electricity even on standby mode, when the wash/spin cycle is completed. With Toshiba’s Zero Standby Power technology, no electricity is used during standby mode. This new technology can save you up to 20% of energy.

Condensed Bubble Wash + Fragrance Course
Detergent is more concentrated at low water levels. Laundry will thus be more thoroughly cleansed. Softener dispenser releases the fabric softener automatically. A stronger fragrance effect is achieved on your laundry thanks to the loner soaking time.

Net Wash Capacity (kg): 8
Weight (kg): 31
Color: Blue
Dimensions (W x D x H): 585 x 605 x 990 mm
Voltage (V): 230-240
Frequency (Hz): 50
Wash: 460
Spin: 450
Water Level (Liters): Low Level 17, High Level 58
Condensed Bubble Wash: Yes
Mega Power Wash: Yes
Hydro Twin Power Wash: Yes
Pulsator: Mega Power Pulsator
Stainless Steel Tub: Star Crystal Drum
Cassette Lint Filter: Yes
Super Spin Dry: 30/90 min
Pre-Set Timer: Yes
Resume Function: Yes
Zero Standby Electricity: Yes
Lid Lock and Child Proof: Yes
Auto Tub Dry: Yes
Washing Courses - Standard
Regular: Yes
Speed: Yes
Soak: Yes
Heavy Wash: Yes
Washing Courses - Special
Softener: Yes
Tub Clean: Yes
Fragrance Course: Yes

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