Vision and Mission

SEC Vision
At SEC, it is our vision to be the preferred and trusted brand in electricare in every neighbourhood.

SEC Mission
SEC aspires to become a household name with the aim of establishing more than 100 outlets across the continent by the year 2020. It is our mission to enhance our relationship with our partners, customers and employees to continue improving the lifestyles of more people by offering the best in electrical conveniences.

SEC Core Values
In pursuit of our mission to improve living experiences and to create opportunities for everyone, SEC commits to the following values to:

Our business partners:
To create new opportunities by opening new markets and to strive towards developing rewarding and lasting relationships to advance our common goals.

Our customers:
To continue upgrading and improving on our 3C product range, price, quality and service excellence.

Our business partners:
To foster an environment that nurtures professional development and career advancement.